Monday, April 9, 2012

Today is a New Day!

My daughter has been watching the movie, Chicken Little, a lot lately. It’s her new favorite and a welcome change from the endless barrage of Disney Princesses and Tinkerbell. If you don’t know the Disney retelling of this classic tale, it deals with the family embarrassment over Chicken Little’s “mistake” that the sky is falling. His father just doesn’t believe in him anymore. Chicken Little, in his desire to make his father proud of him, proclaims, “Today is a new day!”

Today is a new day for my weight loss adventure. After my last ‘restart,’ I faced a whirlwind of stress that led me to total abandonment. Today, I’m starting fresh with a new goal.

Beginning Weight: 260.8 (OUCH!)

My heaviest yet, including when I was pregnant.

First Goal: 20 weeks/40 pounds. So, the anticipation is to weigh no more than 220 on Sept. 3, 2012.

Is that too lofty? Probably. As always, I have a plan! I spent the past week or so reviewing my weight loss past. When I do plans like Weight Watchers or fad diets I always lose a little… then I find it again, and it brings friends to the party. Yeah… not my idea of a good time.

Then, I remember what happened when I was pregnant. I had gestational diabetes. I controlled it with a diabetic diet. I gained less than 5 pounds for each of my two pregnancies and after giving birth, dropped a whopping 40 + pounds within a week. Basically, had I not been carrying a child that kept on growing, I probably would have been losing weight. So, I’m going to try a diabetic diet in conjunction with Weight Watchers points.

Yeah. I have no idea if it will work, but I’m going to try. I’m also going to try to add exercise in the mix. What it comes down to the bare facts, I need to move my butt if I want it to shrink. Nuff said.

On the embarrassment end of things: I went to an Easter egg hunt with my girls this past Saturday. When we got home, my husband said, “Burn that shirt, it makes your tummy hang out like a bad piece of white trash.” Yay… ‘cause THAT is the look I was going for. UGH!

Someone pass me a salad.