Friday, April 22, 2016


The first time I ever sang karaoke was in 1993 when I was touring the states with the Continental Singers.  At one of our mall stops, which were every few weeks to stock up on supplies, there was a karaoke contest for charity in the middle of the mall.

We were a singing group, so naturally, we all jumped in!  We sang one song as a group, then a bunch of us jumped in and sang a few songs to help raise money.  It was so much fun because there were store owners donating money for us to keep it going.  I had the time of my life.

I'll never forget that I chose to sing "Open Arms" by Journey.  I love Journey.  I love that song.  Probably one of the most influential bands of my youth! (Not to mention that I had a thing for Steve Perry!)

I sent the tape of me singing to the guy I was dating at the time.  He was back home waiting for me to get back and my biggest cheerleader.  I chose the song because I wanted him to know how much I wanted to be back home with him.  When I got home, I'd be there with open arms for him.  Ah, how time flies by.  I wonder if that tape even exists anymore... If it does, I wonder if anyone listens to it anymore...

I wonder how different I sound singing the same song now....  

You knew it was coming... Here it is, me singing Open Arms, just last night.  I didn't practice, I just grabbed the audio and recorded in one take.  Not too shabby... what do you think?

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