Tuesday, April 12, 2016



I abandoned the diet after being sick with the flu twice.  I'm right back where I started.  I'm not discouraged.  I'll just start over!

Blog Survey:

No one took it.  I'm beginning to believe I have very few readers.  Feeling discouraged.  Contemplating dropping the blog completely.

Texting Social Experiment:

Was kind of a bust.  I broke and texted 2 friends, making initial contact because I knew they were going through some stuff. The only person who initiated contact with me did so out of guilt after reading my blog about it.  BUST.  Perhaps I am that annoying friend.......


I'm a hot mess right now.  I'm emotionally overreacting to a lot of things and I don't trust my emotions right now.  I don't know if I have a right to be down about the things I am down about.  I don't know how to move forward.  I don't know.  I just don't know.

Here's a song that is helping me through the day today.

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