Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I made a social faux pas.

A friend made a comment online about current events in the media for Pennsylvania on social media.  In jest, I replied with a snarky comment intended as humor.

Alas, I failed.

Instead of sparking a giggle or wink, I have offended my friend.  It's the age old issue with social media, that it is difficult to tell if someone is serious or joking, and if the intended target of the zinger is offended, his/her family and other friends will also be offended.

I received a private message from my friend that essentially told me that my words had hurt and offended and that my friendship was no longer desired.

I'm not going to mince words with you all, readers... I was heartbroken.  At first, I replied saying, "Oh, c'mon... it was a joke!" Then I went to his facebook page to remove the zinger only to find that he had cut me off.  He revoked my "friend" status.  I have become a stranger to my friend.

I returned to instant messenger and sent another message to my friend saying, "You cut me off over a joke?  I thought you knew me better than that."

Now, I regret sending that last message.  I followed it with a sincere apology for my behavior.

You see, I have a unique brand of humor that is not appreciated by all.  While I know my friend has appreciated the humor in the past, it would appear that this one just pushed the envelope too far.  How can I fault this friend for being offended?  Read in the wrong tone or attitude could certainly come off as rude and unacceptable.

I have now written a deep heartfelt apology to my friend and plan to mail it tomorrow.  I'm hurt that I have offended someone who I care about.  I'm hurt that I may have destroyed a friendship.  Mostly, however, I am hurt that there are so many things that were left unsaid.

Thank you, Friend, for being my rock while I was facing some of the darkest demons in my life.

Thank you, Friend, for loving me when I felt unlovable.

Thank you, Friend, for seeing beyond my flaws.

Thank you, Friend, for making me smile and laugh.

Thank you, Friend, for all the things you did without ever knowing you did them.

I'm sorry, Friend, for all the times I hurt you.

I'm sorry, Friend, for not giving you the value you deserved before it was too late.

Finally, Friend, this song is for you:

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