Monday, April 4, 2016

Saying Nothing

There is something to be said for remaining quiet. 

While taking inventory of some friendships recently, I took an inventory of interactions and who they were initiated by. 

With my closest, dearest, and truest friends, the initiation is equal.  Sometimes I call them or text them, sometimes they call/text me.  

Some friendships, however, are lopsided.  One friend not only stopped initiating conversations, but also stopped replying.  After nearly 3 years, she's back and expects that I can simply pick up where we left off.  It isn't that easy.  I've been hurt by that friendship and am questioning how much she values it. 

In other instances, the conversation is witty, entertaining, enjoyable.  We share back and forth and the conversations are well balanced.  I noticed, however, that I seem to be the one to reach out all the time.  It makes me wonder what would happen if I kept silent.  

And the last type of friend... the annoying one.  Yeah.  You know... the one who texts ALL the time.  The one who comments on EVERY SINGLE facebook post/tweet/instagram.  The one who starts sending friend requests to YOUR friends because they like the comments that friend has made on social media.  The friend that is overbearing, ever present, and even though you know they have perfectly good intentions, they irritate the snot out of you.  I really hope that no one sees me that way.  *sigh*

It's time for an experiment.  I decided it is time to say nothing.  That is, I decided to remain quiet and not initiate conversations with a few friends.  They do, after all, have their own lives and I do not want to intrude on those lives or become annoying.  I want to see how many of them miss my interactions.  I want to see which ones decide to reach out to me when they notice I've been quiet.  I will reply to them, naturally, I'm just not going to initiate.  How many texts will I get this week?  Hmmmm... I wonder.  I'll report back in a week with my findings!  What do you think will happen?

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