Thursday, April 7, 2016

Feelin' Blue

I can't really put my finger on it.  I'm just feeling a bit down this week.

To be honest, while at work, I am acting as I normally do.  I'm cheerful, lighthearted, whimsical, and sarcastic.  Nothing there has changed.

At home, I'm still a mom, a wife, a cook, a doctor, and everything else I usually am.

The whole house is sick, but I don't think it is that dragging me down.

I can't really put my finger on it.

When I'm alone, I'm feeling lonely, which usually isn't the case.  And when I'm not alone, I find myself wishing I was alone.  I'm checking my phone quite a bit, and I'm wondering if my social experiment to NOT reach out to others is affecting me.  I am, after all, a people person.  Perhaps I'm feeling insignificant because I have not been contacted by friends and family members.  Perhaps I'm just realizing that I make more initial contact with friends and family than I had thought.

I have broken down, by the way.  I texted a friend who I knew was sick.  I also reached out to my husband while he was at work.  Both were thankful to hear from me.

Yet... I'm feeling a little blue.

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