Tuesday, January 26, 2016

21 Day Truth

I made it through the first 21 days of the 21 Day Fix diet.  WOO HOO!

I lost 4.4 pounds in the first week, then I stayed off the scale.  Final weigh in after 21 days.... 4.4 pounds lost.

Ok..  That's pretty good.  Sure, I lost it all in the first week, but I had a carb breakdown in week 2 and then at the end of week 3, I had my birthday, a long weekend where we were snowed in (more on that in a separate post), and lots and lots of cheating.

Ok, when I say cheating, I'm talking about 1.25 pounds of gourmet, chocolate dipped cookies.  There were chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate chocolate chunk cookies, coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate, almond cookies filled with raspberry and drizzled with hazelnut chocolate, and yes... there were sugar cookies.

Sugar cookies will always be my favorite.  They aren't fancy.  They don't have to be.   They are sometimes jazzed up with sprinkles or a little cinnamon, but they are always steadfast and the same.  They are always there for me when I need to let off some steam from a hard day or when I feel like being goofy, they can be decorated with icing to make a silly face!  When I want to celebrate, they can take on a festive appearance, or they can class up any occasion with elegance... but under all the facades, under all the elegance, glamour, and glitz, under the rainbow sprinkles, icing, and cinnamon... they are the same sugar cookie.  Always there, even when I have abandoned them for a diet.  Not afraid to come back to me... *sigh*  I may have an unhealthy relationship with cookies.  HA HA!!!

All of that being said....

I'll take the 4.4 pounds of loss as victory!

21 Day Fix, ROUND 2:  Challenge -- DRINK MORE WATER.  and of course ... don't cheat!  ha!

Goal:  Let's be realistic and say 10 pounds.  Yeah... I can do that.

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