Friday, February 19, 2016

Wine is Fine

First, I should mention that I've had some wine tonight.  Ok...  a LOT of wine tonight.  It's National Wine day or something like that (Feb. 18) and my friends and I had been discussing wine all day.  I decided to come home and indulge a bit.

Please don't think I have an alcohol problem!  HOLY NO!  Honestly, I'm one of those one glass of wine per month types.  I always seem to have a bottle chilled in the fridge, but if you examine it carefully, you'll see that the bottle I tapped tonight was originally opened at my mother-in-law's house on Christmas Eve 2015...  nearly two full months ago, and it looked like only one glass had been taken already!  

I don't drink much at all and because of that, one glass of wine is really all it takes to make me feel groovy.  Two glasses makes me downright tipsy, and three... well that is full on drunk for me.   Tonight, I've had two glasses.  That puts me in a boldly honest place where I often forget to exercise things like tact and common sense, and where I tend to be very open about opinions and emotions.

I never liked drinking.  Even in those crazy college years where one is expected to be going to hard core parties and clubs, I was always the designated sober person.  I hated drinking in excess.  When I did, I hated myself for the disgusting, vomiting monster I became.  Shots are NOT my friend.  

I was raised in a dry home.  Neither of my parents drink, and honestly, I don't think they ever did. I once convinced my mother to try a hard lemonade.. two sips and she was done!  ha!  My father once said that he LOVED the taste of Nyquil which proved to him that he could easily become an alcoholic.  It was for that reason that he steered clear of the stuff and never allowed it in his home.  To this day, out of respect, I do not drink in front of my father and drink very sparingly in front of my mother.

I'm OK with being a designated driver or the sober voice of reason.  It never bothered me and I don't think it ever will.  Unfortunately, though, it has put me into a place where I simply hate going to bars.  I see no point in going to an establishment designed specifically for drinking.  I'd rather have some wine with dinner or on a special occasion.  The occasion is never the drinking itself.  This has caused some issues with a dear friend of mine who seems to ONLY want to visit bars or drinking venues.  I have nothing against her enjoying those establishments, it just isn't for me.


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